2017 Quality Forum Presentations

A very successful event was held at UJ on the 30 and 31st August 2017 – The SAAIR Quality Forum 2017. Well done Jannie and your team on the success of this event. This event also resulted in a facebook group being established – go to the CE portal for more information.

Presenters on day one …

Sifiso Mkhonza, Christa North, Hermien Dorfling,
Faith Nyaka, Gloria Castrillon
Presenters on day two …

Glen Barnes, Kamal Jogibhai, Annamarie Meyer, Dragana Weistra,
Freda Daniels, Johan Swanepoel

Session Presentations …
Ses2. Quality Assurance in the occupational learning system
Ses3. The SAQA’S Perspective on Short Courses and Short Learning Programmes
Ses4. Observations on Short Course Delivery
Ses5. Short Courses at the University of Pretoria
Ses7. Quality Management of SLPs at UJ
Ses8. The WITS Landscape (short courses and short learning programmes)
Ses10. Reporting & Monitoring of SLPs (analytics & dashboard reporting)
Ses10. CEP Reporting and Data Quality Management using HEDA
Ses11. Concluding Comments

Other documents …
2017 Quality Forum Feedback Report