2017 HEMIS Institute Presentations

Please find below the complete list of presentations from the 2017 HEMIS Institute:

0_HEMIS Institute booklet

1 Cover page and Programme for HEMIS Foundation

1_1 Implementation of the HEQSF

1_2 HEQSF aligned PQMs and approval

1_5 Foundation provision

1_6 National Enrolment Planning

1_7 Vitat Stats and Data Quality

1_8-10 HEMIS Institute updates

2 SAAIR HEMIS Foundations – Higher Education Big Picture

2_1 Valpac changes and updates

2_2 Audit directives March 2017 (final)

3 SAAIR HEMIS Foundations – Qualifications and Courses

4 SAAIR HEMIS_Foundations – Student Reporting key concepts and issues

5 SAAIR HEMIS Foundations – Staff Reporting Key concepts and issues

6 SAAIR HEMIS Foundations – Space Reporting Key concepts and issues

7 SAAIR HEMIS Foundations Attendees