2017 Conference Presentations

Final Programme – 18Oct2017

Poster Presentations …
Psychological GRIT: Does it hold promise for SA ODL institutions – K Young – Unisa

SAHELA workshop slides …
SAHELA Workshop 2017 Slides

Presentations by Session …
Session04 – Rethinking U engagement in Africa – Jamil Salmi Namibia – Oct 2017
Session05 – Multidisciplinary Projects Overcoming Challenges And Realising Opportunities For Students And Academics
Session08 – Essential Skills of Namibian Engineers – SAAIR 2017 – Strydom & John – 20171024
Session09 – Engaging Students in Quality Processes at UJ 24 October 2017
Session11 – Traditional versus Modern Institutional Research Methods and Technics_ A Case Study of Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST)
Session17 – Building a predictive model to enhance students self driven engagement – Moletsane Moletsane
Session19 – Open Distance Learning and the Visually Impaired Student – A UNISA Case Study – Lerato Tladi
Session20 – Machine Learning in Action – Unpacking the biographic questionniare – Innocent Mamvura
Session21 – A traingulated engagement strategy for curriculum enhancement – A case study of the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics (FAI), DUT -Esther Joubert
Session22 – The impact of integrating engagement data collection into University processes – Matengu_SAAIR 2017
Session28 – The monitoring and evaluation of community engagement activities at Universities – The case of NWU
Session30 – Explorative Analysis – Masindi &Molapo Session31 – The Use of Activity-Oriented Design Methods (AODM) – Dr Leena Kloppers
Session32 – Moving towards a more digitized ICT – Unisa Academic TAM – Dion van Zyl
Session32 – Moving towards a more digitized teaching environment ICT acceptance and experiences of IODL Staff – Dion van Zyl
Session33 – Enabling access and success through financial engagement -A Case Study of DUT- Dr Kudayja Parker
Session36 – Decolonization of Education – Exploring a new praxis for sustainable development
Session37 – Action Research to transform teaching at NUST through the PGCHE – Is it possible – Dr Carter
Session38 – Breaking down the silos – working together for student success – Marian Neale – Schutte
Session39 – The Scio-cultural complexities of student access – success in an ODL Context – the Case of the UNISA – Siphelo Mapolisa
Session40 – Rethinking University Engagement – Kristophina Shilongo
Session41 – Who’s space is it anyway – Anicia Peters
Session42 – Joint modelling spatial patterns of disease risk_NDHS and NHSS HIV data