2015 HEMIS Institute Presentations

00 HEMIS Institute Programme 2015 (Final)
01 MN Alignment Implementation HEQSF
02 HvR Finalisation of the PQM
03 JS PQM HEMIS reporting
04&05 JS HEMIS Institute calculating Foundation credits
06 EvS WBL for PSET
07 EvS Reporting by Councils on Public HE inst activities
08 NY Update on DHET initiatives in T&L environment
09&10 BS Update Funding Proposals & Macro Infrastructure
11 SA Institutional Space Master Plans and HEMIS
12 HM HV Definitions World Rankings -2015
13 JS DHET Throughput Methodology (NOT TO BE PUBLISHED YET)
14 DG Update on QEP project
15 HV JS Feedback Information Standards and HETMIS
16 JS Revised PCS presentation
17a HESA Circular 10 2015 Revision of PCS Manual
17b HESA 2015-02-25 MANUAL HEMIS 30 01 15_1 (4) TG edits
18 JS Staff reporting definitions and issues 19a HA HESA PDRF Ruling.2015
19b PDRF Policy.v3
20a HV Sharing data and information
20d KMcL Siyaphumelela-Data-Analytics
21 JS Valpac changes and updates
22 HV Valpac issues