Capacity Development

SAAIR is involved in a number of projects/initiatives to promote capacity development in the Higher Education sector in Southern Africa.  Some recent projects and contributions are listed here:

Institutional Research in South African Higher Education: Intersecting Contexts and Practices:

The book provides a thorough overview of Institutional Research (IR)–ie applied higher education research undertaken within universities–in South Africa. It is a collection of essays focusing on the character and institutional setting of IR; how IR is embedded into the mechanisms of steering, shaping and reforming higher education; and what the major results were of IR in select thematic areas. The book is a valuable resource for higher education researchers and social researchers in South Africa interested in higher education.

Building Capacity in Institutional Research and Decision Support in Higher Education:

This book examines the relevant roles, skills and knowledge needed to build the institutional research capacity across the higher education sector globally. The information contained herein will inform IR practitioners, senior level institution officials, and higher education scholars. With a focus on building the capacity of the IR profession, this book’s primary audiences include senior leaders who wish to introduce or strengthen their understanding for effective decision support and staff  …

2018 Book Project:

Information to come …