2018 25th Annual Conference



Re-imagining our universities: the role and impact of institutional research in times of disruption

Keynote speakers

Angel Calderon is the Principal Advisor Planning and Research at RMIT University, Australia. Angel has worked in institutional research and planning over the past 25 years in several Australian universities. He has also worked as a journalist and foreign correspondent in several countries.

He is a regular speaker on international forums on global megatrends, university rankings, higher education competitiveness, strategy and development. He is co-editor of a book on institutional research and planning in higher education. He has also co-authored another two volumes on higher education (global issues in institutional research and trends in science education). In 2018, he has authored several reports and two book chapters, including one about the geopolitics of higher education in the [forthcoming] Handbook on the Politics of Higher Education. He has undertaken consultancy in the tertiary education sector and across various industry sectors in the fields of environmental scanning, market research, scenario planning and strategic planning. Over recent years he has travelled to several Latin American countries to advise decision makers on higher education policy issues, including building capacity for planning and strategy, university rankings and internationalisation. Between 1998 and 2007, he was co-editor of the Journal of Institutional Research and co-editor of the Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management. He regularly publishes papers and opinion pieces on higher education policy, international education, impacts of trade liberalisation on educational services, emerging markets, graduate outcomes and satisfaction, benchmarking and university rankings.

Neil Butcher  is based in South Africa, from where he has provided policy and technical advice and support to a range of national and international clients regarding educational planning, uses of educational technology and distance education, both as a full-time employee at the South African Institute for Distance Education (SAIDE) from 1993 to 2001 and as Director of Neil Butcher & Associates since then. He has worked with various educational institutions (including UNESCO and the Commonwealth of Learning), assisting with transformation and research efforts that focus on effectively harnessing the potential of distance education methods, educational technology, and OER. Neil has travelled extensively through the developing world conducting research on educational policy, higher education, distance education, education management information systems, and educational technology for a range of organizations, governments, and donors. He works with OER Africa as the project’s OER Strategist, and is also currently consulting to the World Bank on a range of project activities across several African countries and in India.

Dr Diane Parker is Deputy Director General: University Education in the Department of Higher Education and Training, South Africa. Before the joining the Department she spent 18 years as a teacher educator and academic in the fields of sociology of education and mathematics education. She served on the Board of the Health Professionals Council of South Africa, the Higher Education Quality Committee, and the Council on Higher Education. She is responsible for overseeing policy development and implementation to regulate and support the South African Higher Education System, including universities, private higher education institutions, the Council on Higher Education, National Institutes of Higher Education and the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

Please go the conference website which provides a template for conference submissions.

25th Annual Conference
13-15 November 2018
Durban, South Africa
Deadline for submissions: 15 June

You are invited to respond to this call
for contributions to the 25th Annual
SAAIR Conference, 2018

Please go the conference website link
which provides a template for
conference submissions


Hosted by Durban University
of Technology


Types of contributions

Contributed paper
Panel discussion
Conference workshop
3-minute pitch presentations

Please consider which sub-theme your submission relates to:

      1. Students of the future
        • democratising mobility
        • internationalisation
        • broadening access
        • needs of the next generation of students
        • developing next generation contextualised curricula
      2. Technology, big data, AI and the future of higher education
        • Big data, learning analytics, technology enhanced learning and open/self-directed learning
        • harnessing the power of learning analytics
        • working with big data
      3. Repurposing Institutional Research(ers)
        • The many lenses of IR
        • practice and the role of professionals involved in processing data
        • supporting institutional performance
        • being change agents or guides
      4. Transforming leadership

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